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TTEZ Proximity Time Clock System
TTEZ Proximity Time Clock System

TTEZ Proximity Time Clock System

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TimeTrax EZ Prox at a Glance
  • Easy to use proximity card punch system
  • Plug -&-play simplicity; Full 'point & click" punch & payroll editing, plus many standard reports
  • 50-employee capacity out of the box, upgradeable to 500 (15 cards included)
  • Exporting compatibility with major payroll systems including: ADP, PAYCHEX, QuickBooks, & more
  • Calculates overtime automatically, including: time-&-a-half, double-time, special Saturday, Sunday, or 7th day overtime work rules, weekly/bi-weekly-semi-monthly/monthly payroll
  • Special Pay Categories for sick time & vacation time; Holiday or bonus pay automatically paid globally or to select employee groups
  • Easy-to-read, large LCD displays time, date, & employee name
  • Battery backup & memory should power failure occur
  • Unlimited number of Pyramid Ethernet terminals regardless of technology
  • Punch in & out from any TimeTrax Ethernet Terminal; Ethernet LAN & WAN compatible with multi-time zone functionality
  • Optional Time Source Synchronization from Pyramid Wireless Master Clock System
  • Unlike USB, cable length has no impact on communication performance
  • Made in the USA


Clock in with Ease, Speed and Efficiency

The TTEZ Prox unites our best-selling time clock system with the speed and convenience of proximity technology to clock employees in and out of work in record time.  Employees simply wave their badge in front of the TTEZ Prox terminal to clock in and out while eliminating the need for paper time sheets or punch cards.  Proximity badges also last longer than traditional swipe cards and outperform magnetic strip technology in harsh work environments, where dust and dirt may damage the swipe cards and impair readability.

The TTEZ Prox is a complete automated time and attendance tool, powered by the robust TimeTrax™ software package (included) and features easy exporting to Quickbooks and most major payroll providers.  You can also add additional time clock terminals to allow employees to clock in from multiple locations, while automatically connecting over Ethernet and reporting to your payroll administrator’s desktop.  Connect your system to compatible communication devices, such as synchronized bells, horns or analog or digital clocks.  We designed this time clock system to automate your time and attendance with an efficient, scalable solution using the convenient, durable proximity technology.  Another product proudly made in the USA.

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