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TA 715 - A small device capable of seamless integration.

Posted by Barry Rubin on 10/3/2016
TA 715 - A small device capable of seamless integration.

The TA715 is one of the most popular Time Clocks we offer. It is an inexpensive Time Clock that integrates with a number of time clock software solutions including the TA100, Genesis Pro, and Xacttime. The TA715 Time Clock is also widely used with Kronos SaaS HR software.

The reliable TA-715 is a relatively small device capable of seamless integration within your existing workforce management system. Its compact design allows for easy installation and placement with a low profile.

The TA 715 Time Clock is constructed of injection molded plastic, which is stronger and more durable than metal time clocks in the same price class. They never rust or corrode in humid conditions like metal time clock terminals. Tested operating temperature -20o -60o C with humidity: up to 95% RH.

The TA715 Time Clocks are lightweight and attractive with a footprint of only 4.4” x 6.7” x 2.5” and only 1.69 lbs. They can be connected to any 10/100 Ethernet network or communicate via a RS-232 port - bi-directional local serial connection.

The terminals have a domed membrane keypad, which creates a watertight seal against external elements.

The terminal comes with a highly advanced filtered 2x16 Character backlit LCD display. This means that under almost any lighting condition, the terminal will give you a clear picture to read the screen.

The TA715 includes 10 alpha-numeric keys, 6 programmable function keys, and 6 special keys which are completely user definable.

The terminal has two back-up battery modules, one for the real time clock memory and the other for operation during a power failure. The standard memory back-up module is a 1 year span lithium battery, keeping the internal clock running and the memory intact. The battery (in addition to the standard memory back-up) is self-contained.