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Plug in Time Clocks…Nevermore.

Posted by Barry Rubin on 5/16/2016 to Tips and Resources
Plug in Time Clocks…Nevermore.

Modern day Time Clock Systems now use  a single cable to provide both data connection and electrical power to Biometric, badge, clock card systems  and even keypad entry time clock terminals.

Aptly named Power over Ethernet or PoE, uses standard IEEE 802.3 technology in  which CAT 5 and higher data cables have 4 pairs of internal wires and where only two of are needed for data transmission, power is transmitted unused wires. Hence the name, Power over Ethernet, or PoE for short, that’s PoE, not Poe, as in Edgar Allen.

Because PoE provides both data and power connections from a single cable the need is immediately reduced as far the number of data cables needed for time clock terminals and timeclock data collection devices.  But there are considerable more benefits to the use of PoE.  Since fewer cables are required, installation is expeditious and uncomplicated.   CAT5 class cables are lower in price than other power cable alternatives, and low voltage making permits and code unnecessary on most jurisdictions and less complicated than standard electrical code in others. Administrators can remotely power cycle devices and equipment, which is important for multi site facilities.  And unlike USB standards which also power devices over data cables, PoE allows for much longer cable lengths. This makes PoE a good option for not only for automatic time clocks, but any device requiring long cable runs, such as wireless access points, IP Phones, and IP Cameras.

Many of the time clock devices offered from TimeClockMan.com offer standard PoE technology include the many obvious advantages in comparison to other data cable alternatives. 

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