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About Us

Business of every type & size has one thing that remains the same: Labor Costs are the most expensive asset. No one understands labor and workforce time management better than Time Clock Man.

We understand your business, offer the greatest selection of time clocks and time clock systems anywhere on earth, and help you choose the perfect solution to solve any workforce-related challenge. Small to Mid Size Business solutions:

Time Clock Man has the perfect solution for your small to midsize business time and attendance solution designed specifically for organizations of your size. Time Clock Man meets your needs today with options (Including our own line of low cost products) that Fit your budget, are easy to install and use, are easy to support and maintain, and can grow with you as your business needs change.

Let us show you how simple and inexpensive a professional grade workforce management system can be. Enterprise Size Solutions: No matter how big your organization is or what industry you serve, no one offers has more value than Time Clock Man when it comes to delivering products and services faster, more efficiently, and with higher quality. Time Clock Man offers World Wide installation & support on a wide variety of enterprise software, and biometric firmware, with database options from SQL to Oracle.

Let us show you how Time Clock Man can reduce labor costs by minimizing overtime and contingent labor and, Monitor and measure business performance, refine your work plan, and improve future planning. Industry Specific Solutions: Time Clock Mans experience spans thousands of customer installations. As a result, Time Clock Man understands the labor management, unique requirements and specific technologies of most industries.

 Let Time Clock Man show you how we combine unmatched applications, insightful technical service staff, and the industries best practices at work for you and your company.
You simply will not find more selection, better service,
 or a better price than at Time Clock Man.